Just What Is Bullying?

  • Bullying is more than the kid who threatens and intimidates using physical aggression.  Bullying is also: gossip spreading rumors targeting others outside of the child's group of friends deliberate isolation or shunning of another child using chat rooms, web sites and text messaging to spread rumors or harass someoneBullying has three characteristics: Imbalance of Power - a bully has more power than the otherstudent.  It could be because they are physically bigger or havemore social status.  Bullies use this power to hurt or threatenothers.  Intent to Harm - bullies know what they are doing and mean tocause harm to the other student.  They will also deny this is thecase.  Pain doesn't have to be physical or a direct insult - itcan also be caused by rumors.  "Just joking around" is bullying issomeone is hurt physically or emotionally. A Pattern of Behavior - a bully is defined by how they act, notwho they are.  Popular kids can be bullies.  "Nice" kids canbe bullies.  Kids may bully to: to find his or her place on the social ladder to look cool, tough, or to show off because of peer pressure because they get away with it. Bullies who are popular often do not see their behavior as bullying,nor may other people who know them.  ANYONE can be a bully. Bullies need to be reported to a teacher or Principal, regardless ofwho the bully is.