Resources for Families

  • 1) Boys and Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities - afterschoolactivities and homework help for a nominal fee.  The East SideClub can be reached at 651-774-5654, Mt. Airy at 651-221-0330 and WestSide at 651-222-2212.

    2) Circle of Parents - Groups for parents to share ideas andsupport that address the challenges of parenting.  The groups meeton a weekly basis.  They are free and open to all parents. 651-523-0099.

    3) Parenting Info Line - Over 150 messages aboutparenting.  Topics include Homework, TV Watching, PreventingMisbehavior and much, much more.  To order a catalog call612-624-2200 press 100 for English, 200 for Spanish and 600 for Hmong.

    4) Keystone Community Services - Foodshelves, Family Centers,Supportive Services, School-Age programs and other services forfamilies living in the North End and Midway Areas of St. Paul. 651-645-0349

    5) Learning Disabilities Association of Minnesota -  LDAprovides tutoring and other services for children with LearningDisabilities.  Call the LDA Linkage Line for assistance. 952-922-8374

    6) Saint Paul Public Libraries - SPPL offer services such Summer Reading Programs, Homework Help Centers and Free Family Activities.  651-266-7034

    7) Ramsey Action Program - Offers programs for families workingon becoming more self-sufficient.  They include the Ways to WorkFamily Loan Program, the Family Assets for Independence in Minnesotaprogram, and Project Success.  651-645-6445.  RAP also hasEnergy Assistance Programs.