Welcome to Crossroads-Science

  • We are very proud of our school and feel Crossroads-Science to offer an exemplary program of standards-based education with a focus on inquiry-based teaching strategies. We invite you to explore this website and stop by to visit. Let us know what you think.
    Celeste Carty, Principal


     Students at Crossroads - Science can expect:
    * Standards-Based Education
    * Rigorous Academic Environment
    * Positive Learning Atmosphere
    * Focus on the Gifts and Talents in all Learners
    * One-of-a-Kind Inquiry Zone
    * Interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on the Big Ideas in Science
    * Inquiry embedded throughout the curriculum
    * 21st Century Technology
    * Year Round Education
    * Innovative Intersession programming
    * Active Parental Involvement
    * All day Kindergarten
    *Four Year Old Program (Half Day)
    * Looping

    In addition to the items above, we are also very proud of:

    Host to nationally unique Inquiry Zone

    Comprehensive School Reform grant recipient on schoolwide application of curriculum differentiation ($100,000/year for three years - 01/02 - 03/04)

    NASA Explorer School (Three year partnership - 02/03 - 05/06)

    Reading First School (2005-2009)

    Growth on MCA  standardized assessments.

    Ongoing partnerships with:  Bell Museum of Natural History, St. Catherine University