Uniform Guidelines

  • Shirts
    •    Green, gray, purple. or gold polo shirt with school logo
    •    Light gray polo shirt without school logo
    •    Short or long sleeve

    •    Solid black or khaki pants, shorts, skirt, overalls, skort, or jumper
    •    Must be of reasonable length and pants may not sag
    •    No logos, piping or designs
    •    Light gray sweatshirt with zipper/hood or crew neck with school logo or without school logo.


    Uniform pieces should be no more than one size larger than student’s true size
    Undershirt may not hang down lower than sleeve or bottom of shirt
    No hats, bandanas, scarves, or head wraps may be worn in the building
    No clothes may be worn inside out
    No open-toed or open-heeled shoes, heelies, stack-heeled shoes, Crocs or sandals
    No logos, piping, or designs on bottoms


    Students not complying with the Crossroads uniform policy will be required to:
    Change into a borrowed uniform
    Call their parents/guardian to bring them a proper uniform