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Budget Code Format Quick Guide

Budget Code Format Quick Guide

SPPS budget codes are 19-digits long and have six components.  The codes must be written in sequence, with a hyphen between each component.

In order, these components go:

The lists included here represent examples and are not all inclusive.

Fund - 2 digits

The source of the money. Schools and programs typically have funding from more than one source. Each fund has guidelines as to how the money can be spent.

  • 01 General Fund
  • 19 Intraschool Fund
  • 21 Compensatory Fund
  • 29 Fully Financed - General
  • 31 Referendum Fund

Department - 3 digits

The department number assigned to the district, your school or program.

  • 005 District Wide
  • 210 Central High School

Program - 3 digits

The instructional services or support services being provided.

  • 203 Elementary Education
  • 211 Secondary Education
  • 291 Co-curricular Activities (non-athletics)
  • 720 Student Wellness

Product - 3 digits

Defines a specific local, federal or state project or source of funds.

  • 302 Operating Capital
  • 316 Staff Development
  • 599 Federal Grant

Account - 4 digits

Identifies the service or commodity purchased.

  • 6140 Licensed Classroom Teacher
  • 6430 Non-Individualized Instructional Material
  • 5050 Rental of instruments or physical education equipment

Class - 4 digits

Allows for a further breakdown to describe or identify an activity. It is used for further detail with separate grants/projects.

  • 2300 Title I

For a thorough breakdown on budget codes, see the Uniform Financial Accounting and Reporting System (UFARS) manual.  Note: UFARS account codes are three digit numbers without the leading 5 for revenue or 6 for expenses.