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Food Purchase Regulations

Food Purchase Regulations

Who Completes This Task: Administrative Support Staff, Clerks


It is the district’s goal to minimize expenses that do not relate to student education.


Food may not be provided at SPPS expense, at a school or district function where the majority of attendees are district staff, unless these events extend over meal times. Beverages but no food may be served at district expense at these events:

  • Staff meetings, building and district-wide
  • Staff development activities, held on- or off-site, that do not extend over meal times
  • Training sessions

Food may be provided at SPPS expense, at a school or district function where the majority of attendees are students, parents and community members.

  • District/site student government
  • District parent/citizen events
  • Site council meetings
  • Other site parent/community meetings or events
  • If a grant’s budget includes an established food budget for specific activities
  • Food for Family and Consumer Science, core instruction or community education
  • Feeding students during a field trip

When food is allowable

  • Only beverages and a light snack unless the event occurs over normal meal hours
  • Events held during normal meal hours may provide a meal
  • The cost of food must not exceed
    • $1.50 per person, for a non-meal event
    • $7.00 per person, for a breakfast event
    • $8.50 per person, for a lunch event
    • $10.00 per person, for a dinner event
  • Payment is not allowed for more than one meal at each meeting or event
  • Tips are allowed to be paid from district funds as long as the amount is reasonable

Note: Title I has its own process for purchasing food for family engagement activities.


Food must not be purchased prior to gaining approval.

  1. In the PeopleSoft’s employee self-service menu, use the Food Purchase Request
  2. After the request has been approved, food may be purchased
  3. The approved Food Purchase Approval Request must be attached to the PeopleSoft voucher or P-Card statement

This procedure does not apply to food or beverages that are individually or collectively purchased by employees contributing personal funds to pay for these items.

Why This is Important

  • Limits expenses not directly related to student education
  • Food/beverages bought without approval may be reimbursed, based on circumstances
    • If this situation occurs more than once, reimbursement will be denied

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