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Fundraising Online

Fundraising Online

Who Completes This Task: Any Staff, With Supervisor Permission


Online fundraising, or crowdfunding, can be an effective way for projects, programs, and schools to increase awareness and gain financial support. SPPS supports fundraising on school websites through rSchoolToday and GiveMN.

Adopt a Classroom, Donors Choose, and You Caring are better suited to educational fundraising than some of the commercially focused or personal sites.

Go Fund Me and Kickstarter are not recommended, as they are focused on personal and commercial projects, and don’t work as well for the educational setting.  Should these or other unrecommended sites be used, but it must be clear to donors that they are giving personal gifts, not tax deductible donations. 

Steps - rSchoolToday

  1. Instructions pending - to be posted soon

Steps - Other Sites

  1. Set up the site and fundraiser
    1. Make sure it is clear that donations are not tax deductible
  2. Share the link according to school or program guidelines
  3. Receive funds or goods
    1. Some sites ship goods directly to the school or program
    2. Sites that distribute funds will send them to SPPS
      • These are placed in a Fund19 account specific to the school or program
      • Contact SPPS accounts receivable for the account code
  4. Follow site-specific procedures for receipt of donations (thank you letters, videos, etc.)

Documentation Required

  • The checks received or electronic fund transfer receipts account for origin of funds
  • Records are not needed for how donations are used