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Requesting and Receiving Federal Funds

Requesting and Receiving Federal Funds

Who Completes This Task: Accountant


SPPS will not draw advance payments on federal funds. All requests for federal funds shall be on the basis of reimbursement.


  • The month’s accounting is completed
  • The budget administrator has approved the expenses
  • The chief financial officer or the superintendent have deemed the payment necessary


  1. Send financial activity and request to draw funds to grant budget administrator.
  2. Receive permission and confirmation of drawdown amount from grant budget administrator.
  3. Log into the appropriate federal agency system (G5, PMS, etc)
  4. Request the funds for the grant
  5. Send an email to Accounts Receivable
    1. Note the expected sum
    2. Include the codes to be credited
  6. Confirm the funds’ receipt, usually by EFT, and verify correct deposit

Documentation Required

  • The grant budget manager’s email approving expenses must be retained with grant accounting records
  • Copies of any forms or documents involved in the request should be retained with the grant accounting records.

Why This is Important

  • It’s the law (see CFR Part 200.302 and CFR Part 200.305)
  • It prevents disbursement that can lead to accruing interest on federal funds
  • Allows the grant manager and accountant to review expenses before officially using federal funds
  • Provides an opportunity for adjustments to budget
  • Functions as an internal control

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