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Monitoring Contracts

Monitoring Contracts

Who Completes This Task: Contract Manager


It is the contract manager’s responsibility to monitor the contracts and contractors procured by the program.

Schedules and Timelines

  • Ensure contractor does not begin work until purchase order is complete
  • Develop work plan or timeline
  • Track certification renewal to ensure evidence of renewal is submitted when needed
    • Insurance
    • Performance bond
  • Closeout contract at the end of the project

Contract Terms

  • Verify the vendor/contractor complies with all the terms and conditions of the contract
  • Ensure SPPS compliance with all terms and conditions of the contract
    • Check the insurance section and request a certificate of liability insurance if needed
  • Identify any breach of contract
  • Revise, amend or extend the contract if needed


  • Acquire and submit a complete detailed invoice
  • Ensure all services have been received as specified prior to authorizing payment
  • Approve payments as outlined in the contract

Performance and Quality

  • Accept only correct goods and services meeting expectations
  • Reject incorrect/damaged goods and services below expectations
  • Determine acceptable performance levels and verify performance for payment purposes
  • Meet with the vendor/contractor regularly to discuss progress, problems and changes
  • Document all issues/discrepancies with the vendor/contractor
  • If problems arise, determine if and when corrective action is necessary, and follow through
  • Cancel contract if necessary