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Sole-Source or Noncompetitive Purchase

Sole-Source or Noncompetitive Purchase

Who Completes This Task: Administrator


A sole-source purchase involves buying something with noncompetitive proposals, or solicitation of a proposal from only one source. Artificially restricting competition through unreasonably specific or unnecessary requirements is not permitted. User preference is also not an acceptable reason for making a sole-source purchase. A sole-source purchase/contract is rare. The preferred method to confirm a purchase/contract is being made with a sole source is a formal solicitation process (Request for Bid or Request for Proposal) to remove all doubt.


  • A sole-source proposal is acceptable if any of the following are met:
  • The item is available only from a single source
  • There is a public emergency or need that will not permit a delay
    • Burst pipes
    • Electrical outages
    • Building collapse or imminent collapse
    • Issues that threaten public safety
  • The awarding agency authorizes noncompetitive proposals in response to request
  • After solicitation of a number of sources, competition is determined to be inadequate


  1. Complete the Sole-Source Justification Form and the Sole-Source Posting Form
    • Attach to requisition in PS or contract in eRFP
  2. The Purchasing Manager will review submitted documents to determine allowability
  3. Purchasing will post notice of sole source for a minimum of two consecutive weeks
    • If concern is raised by vendors, the formal solicitation process will be required 
    • If no concern is raised, the sole source will be considered valid and proceed with approval process.

Documentation Required

  • Sole-source purchases require:
  • Completed sole-source justification form
  • The reason for using a noncompetitive proposal including:
    • Uniqueness of services sought
    • Lack of available providers
    • Experience of the selected vendor
    • Screen captures and search terms from online searches