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Mileage Reimbursement

Who Completes This Task: Employees Who Use Their Own Vehicle for SPPS Business


The principal or budget administrator has the authority to decide whether mileage will be reimbursed. If an employee is unsure whether mileage will be reimbursed, they should check prior to traveling.

The reimbursement rate is set in accordance with the IRS mileage rate.


SPPS follows the Minnesota Commissioner's Plan for mileage reimbursement.

  • There is no mileage reimbursement for commuting between a permanent work location and home

Mileage may qualify for reimbursement if any of the following apply:

  • Employee has to drive between buildings during the day to fulfill their duties
  • Employee has to return to their worksite on a regular workday outside of regular hours (eg: evening meeting)
  • Employee is required to work on a day that is not their regular workday (eg: a weekend)
  • Employee is assigned to work outside city limits at a location other than their regular worksite

Employees who drive for business purposes before going to their primary work site or after leaving their work site for the day may qualify for mileage reimbursement for:

  • The mileage from the employee's residence to the first business stop or the mileage from their permanent work location to the first stop, whichever is less
  • All mileage between points visited on SPPS business during the day
  • The mileage from the last stop to the employee's residence or the mileage from their last stop to their permanent work location, whichever is less

Steps - Reimbursed at the Board-Approved Rate Per Mile

The reimbursement rate does not include parking, which can be reimbursed separately by submitting an Employee Monthly Expense Reimbursement

Mileage is submitted through a PeopleSoft HR/Payroll eForm (text-based instructions are available in the mileage reimbursement links section of this page; video instructions with English audio are available below). There are two parts to the mileage system.

Part 1 - Your Profile

  1. Create or update your Mileage eForm profile
    1. Employees who have not yet used the Mileage eForm process
    2. Employees who have used the eForm, but have had changes their site or budget code
  2. Once your profile is approved, you don't need to update it again unless your site or budget codes change

Part 2 - Your Mileage Reports

Do not attempt to report your mileage before your profile has been approved.  

  1. Create a mileage report for the month
    1. Enter each leg of each trip
    2. Save as needed
    3. Calculate and submit only once all mileage for the month is entered
  2. Only one report may be submitted for any month
  3. Approved requests are viewable in PeopleSoft
    1. HR/Payroll side
    2. Mileage eForms section of the home page
    3. View Mileage eForm
  4. If a mileage report is recycled (rejected)
    1. Employee will receive an email with link to form
    2. Make necessary adjustments to entries and resubmit, or withdraw the form and create a new one

At the end of the fiscal year, the Accounts Payable department must receive the form for June mileage by July 10th so it can be processed prior to year-end closing.

Create/Update Profile Video Instructions


Why This Is Important

  • Failure to submit the report within 30 days of the end of the month will result in unreimbursed mileage.

Mileage Reimbursement Links

Mileage Help

For help with the technical aspects of the mileage reporting process or for questions on your submissions, contact include your employee ID number in your email.

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