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Supervisor Time and Effort FAQ

Supervisor FAQ on Time and Effort

What happens if my employee switches from 100% to split budget (or vice versa) mid-year?

Work with your accountant to get the changes in PeopleSoft as quickly as possible. Prompt changes keep the reporting type (bi-weekly or semi-annual) accurate.

Should supplemental pay be reported in the Time and Effort system?

No. If the employee’s supplemental pay is submitted on a timesheet with a supplemental pay form, it should not be recorded in the Time and Effort system.  Paper forms that include hours worked, dates, account codes, and an employee signature satisfy the Time and Effort reporting requirements.

What happens if I’m on vacation when my Time and Effort approvals are due?

Simply review and approve the hours as soon as possible when you return from vacation.  If you will be gone for more than one month, contact Human Resources to have your staff’s Time and Effort reports flow to an alternate person while you are gone.

What if the allocation of hours for one of my employees has changed permanently from their default?

You should contact both Human Resources and your accountant as quickly as possible to get the default hours modified.

Can I have my assistant or the school secretary review and approve hours for my staff?

No. By logging in to your Time and Effort account, you are providing an electronic signature of the hours you are approving.  In addition, your login and password provide access to your payroll information, and this should not be shared with anyone.

Last Modified on March 6, 2019