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Request for Quote

Request for Quote

Who Completes This Task: Clerk with or for Administrator

Timeframe: 1-4 weeks


When securing goods and/or services, there must be a process by which the lowest responsible bidders are selected to provide the goods and/or services to the district.  The request for quote (RFQ) is an informal process for securing quotes.


  • Total cost is $24,999 or less, department/school may secure quotes, subject to Purchasing department approval - 2 or more required
  • Total cost is $25,000-49,999, Purchasing will secure quotes, 2 or more required
  • Total cost is $50,000 or more, RFQ process not appropriate; see Request For Bid and Request For Proposal


  1. Develop a list of goods and/or services needed
    1. Include quantity
    2. Include quality
    3. Include “or equivalent to”
    4. Include timeline
  2. Set a due date for quotes
  3. Set criteria for selection
  4. Send to possible vendors
    1. Post online
    2. Email link
  5. Review quotes from vendors
    1. Must have at least two quotes for comparison, three is preferred
  6. Select vendor(s)
  7. Make purchase using appropriate method
    1. Voucher
    2. P-Card
    3. Purchase requisition for goods or services

Documentation Required

  • Vendor quotes (attached to purchase requisition in eProcurement)

Why This Is Important

  • It’s the law (see 2 CFR 200.318-323)
  • Good stewardship of public funds to procure goods or services required by the district

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