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Inventory and Reconciliation

Inventory and Reconciliation

Who Completes This Task: Grant Managers, Building Inventory Managers, Staff assigned


All items with an inventory tag are physically inspected and accounted for at least every two years. The data collected is reconciled at each site and the record is updated.

Grant managers are encouraged to inventory at the beginning and end of each school year. See Grant Closeout and Transfer and Disposal procedures for materials after the grant ends.

Steps - Inventory

  1. Request a report of all SPPS assets by building or budget from Business Office management assistant
  2. Visit each building and physically confirm location and condition of each asset
  3. Note condition and any location changes in the record
  4. If items with inventory tags are found but are not on the building’s list, transfer the items

Steps - Reconciliation

  1. Building administrator is given lists of assets found and those not found to reconcile
  2. If an item is found, note the condition and any location change in the record
    1. PeopleSoft employee self service
    2. Missing Asset Information Form – used to change building or location
  3. If an item is found that is not on the list of assets
    1. PeopleSoft employee self service
    2. Missing Asset Information Form – used to change building or location
  4. If an item is not found, find it or report it missing
    1. Add a note to the list of assets
    2. Report the absence or loss to the grant manager
    3. If a police report is filed, save it in the grant’s documentation

Why This Is Important

  • It’s the law (see 2 CFR 200.311-313)
  • Safeguard SPPS assets
  • Inventory control and loss prevention

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