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Property Control Tags

Property Control Tags

Who Completes This Task: Clerk or Inventory Manager


Items purchased with SPPS funds that require an inventory tag (also called asset tag or property control tag) are tracked through PeopleSoft. If a tag is needed, contact Kim Hurlburt in the Business Office.

If an asset tag is peeling off, write the numbers on the item itself with a sharpie. It won’t be able to be scanned with a barcode scanner, but the number will be accurate.


See the Equipment and Supply Quick Guide if further clarification is needed.

Steps - Acquired Through Purchase Requisition

  1. Use the Purchase Requisition procedure
  2. Be sure to complete the “asset details” section when entering the receipt

Steps - Automated Process

  1. Select Items, such as computers, come with an inventory tag affixed to them
  2. Tags are attached by vendors prior to shipping
  3. Tags are recorded in PeopleSoft by asset management staff

Steps - Acquired Through P-Card

  1. Use P-Card for purchase
  2. Manually record the asset details in PeopleSoft

Documentation Required

Property tag information must be recorded in PeopleSoft

Why This Is Important

  • It’s the law (see 2 CFR 200.311-313,)
  • Account for items purchased with public funds
  • Safeguard SPPS assets
  • Inventory control and loss prevention

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