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Applying for a Grant

Applying for a Grant

Who Completes This Task: Any Employee With Supervisor Approval

Timeframe: 3-6 weeks


Schools, programs, and departments can seek and apply for grants as long as the application supports the district’s strategic plan. It is essential to let the grants department know as soon as the decision has been made to seek funding or apply for a grant. Their expertise can ensure a smoother application process and better outcome.

See the Grants Process Overview for more information on the various departments’ roles in this process.


Grants can be sought under any of the following conditions:

  • Funding is needed to complete a project or meet a need
  • Funding exists that would allow for a project, services, or supplies for which there is a need


  1. Find a source of funding that meets the need
    1. See the list of grant opportunities, filterable by focus area, deadline, grant name, or funder
    2. Independently seek out a source of funding
    3. Contact the Grants Office
  2. Confirm the grant opportunity meets SPPS Grant Selection Consideration criteria
    1. If the grant is posted on the SPPS grant opportunities pages, this has been done
    2. If the grant was independently identified, read the funder guidelines thoroughly
  3. Complete the Grant Pre-Approval form
    1. Submit to the fund development assistant
  4. Promptly respond to any requests the Grants Office has for additional information
    1. The Office of Research, Evaluation and Assessment (REA) may be brought into the project, especially if data collection is part of the plan
  5. Once approval has been received, develop a grant proposal
    1. Most funders will have a specific form for this, many are online
    2. Seven Planning Questions for a Grant Proposal may help define goals
    3. Project Planning Deliverables Checklist may help define outcomes
    4. Grants staff are available to assist
  6. Develop a budget
    1. In some cases, this is part of the proposal, in others it is a separate attachment
    2. Use Grant Planning Worksheet (note: this link may result in download, or open in a viewer, depending on your settings)
    3. Accounting and grants staff are available to assist
  7. Develop evaluation plan
    1. REA should help if there is a survey, student data collection, or research element
  8. Assemble the application package
    1. Review the funder’s guidelines and verify they are met
    2. Verify all forms and attachments are included
    3. Proofread everything; a second set of eyes can make a huge difference
  9. Submit application to the Grants Office for final review and superintendent approval
    1. At least seven days before the application is due
    2. This may involve emailing or sharing documents on Google Drive
    3. For online applications, the account login information will need to be shared
  10. Make any necessary revisions
  11. The Grants Office will submit for board approval
  12. Submit the application (can be done before board approval is finalized)
  13. If the grant is funded, see the Accepting Grant Award instructions

Documentation Required (these should be kept at the grants office)

  • Supervisor approval (pre-approval form)
  • Superintendent approval (orange sheet)
  • Board of Education approval (consent agenda board file)
  • Final application package

Why This Is Important

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