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Grant Closeout

Grant Closeout

Who Completes This Task: Grant Manager

Timeframe: 1 - 3 months


Grant closeout occurs in the months after the grant expires or is terminated. It is the completion of the grant life cycle and the official end of the funder’s relationship with grantees. Reporting includes formative and summative results, performance measures and indicators, as well as financial reports. The data must be valid and reliable.

Generally, grantees and sub-grantees are expected to make final payments during closeout. No new obligations may be acquired during this time. For example, a consultant is contracted to work through the last day of the project. They do, and then bill for that work two weeks later. The closeout period allows for that invoice to be paid even though the grant “ended.”

Until the awarding agency confirms completion of all required grant work and administrative tasks, SPPS is still responsible for fulfilling all the terms of the grant. The closeout process can take several months if there are financial concerns or questions to reconcile.

During the preparation for closeout, the grant manager may determine that a no-cost extension is needed. This involves changing or amending the grant or budget.


  • A grant has reached its expiration or termination date
  • A grant project has ended for any reason


Every grant is different, and different funders have their own requirements, so it is essential to review the Grant Award Notification (GAN), Official Grant Award Notification (OGAN), or other similar documentation for specific closeout procedures.

Closeout generally includes the following:

  1. SPPS employees must be given notice and contractors/consultants end their contracts
    1. Contact the grant’s Human Resources contact regarding the staff reduction process
    2. Final payments to contractors should be made as soon as possible
  2. Submit any final reports within the time frame indicated in the grant notification
    1. Usually 90 days of the project end date for federal grants
    2. Usually 45 days for state grants
    3. Some grants also require specific forms or format for reporting
  3. Handle any property purchased with grant funding according to grant stipulations
  4. Retain records for at least five years following the end of the project
    1. Must be on site for ease of access or stored at the administration building (see grants management coordinator for this)
    2. This may be extended in the event of audit findings or legal proceedings
  5. A presentation of the report may be requested by, or offered to, district administrators

Documentation Required

  • Funder and legal documents
  • Budget records
  • Personnel records
  • Programmatic records

See Grant Document Retention Quick Guide for a complete detailed list.

Why This Is Important

  • It’s the law (see 2 CFR Part 200.327-329, 2 CFR Part 200.333-337)
  • Project analysis determines whether the goals of the project were accomplished
  • Evaluate to understand and identify impact
  • Identify projects with national significance
  • Reporting provides transparency and prevents fraud or misuse of money

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