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Guideline Report

Guideline Report


A guideline report shows a grant or project’s balances in a summary format. It will show the budget line, the budgeted FTEs, the month-to-date (MTD) activity, year-to-date (YTD) activity, total pre-encumbrances, total encumbrances, and the budget balance for each budget line. If any budget lines are negative, no more spending should be done, and accounting staff need to be notified that the budget is negative.

Expenses are reflected by account numbers in the 6000 series and revenues are reflected by account numbers in the 5000 series.

If more details are needed, refer to the Activity Report.

Revised Budget – This column reflects what has been budgeted for; ach individual line of the complete budget is reflected in the first column of this report

Budgeted FTE – This column reflects the full-time-equivalents budgeted

MTD Activity – This column reflects the month to date activity

YTD Activity – This column reflects the year to date activity

Total Encumbrances – This column reflects purchase orders (POs) that have posted against this budget

Budget Balance – This column reflects the overall balance; if the budget balance reflects a negative amount, a budget revision is needed and the accountant or grants management coordinator (GMC) should be contacted immediately

Why This Is Important

  • This report is an essential element for managing a budget

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