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Saint Paul Public Schools, District 625
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Purchasing Resources & Tools

Purchasing Threshold and Requirements. Thresholds are determined on total price of purchase (Annual cost x number of years = total purchase cost)

Micropurchase: Schools <$3,500 and Departments <5,000

- 1 confirming quote for the order. The quote should have the vendor name, address, item description and price at minimum.

- Site staff can collect quotes or can request purchasing staff obtain quotes. 

- Site staff need to create the requistion and attach the quote.

Request for Quotes: Schools Greater than or equal to $3,500 but less than $175,000 and Departments: Greater than or equal to $,5000 but less than $175,000

- Quotes must be requested from at least 2 vendors.

- Quotes can be requested by site staff or site staff can request purchasing obtain the quotes.

- Requistions should be created by site staff. All quotes received need to be attached to the requisition.

Competitive Solicitation: Total price exceeds $175,000.

- A solicitation for sealed offers must be issued and the board needs to approve any award of contract or purchase order.


Requisition Guidelines: There are some items where a requisition in Peoplesoft must be entered; guidance provided in this document