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Covid-19 Signs

The following signs will be provided by Facilities and are to be posted in the locations shown in the table below.  Some signs come in more than one size, follow the table for where to post each size.  All of these signs, excluding the floor decals are linked below in PDF format to print as needed.

 If you need to order more signs on cardstock order here

General ADA Sign Posting Guidelines

Signs mounted on a wall should be at least 48 inches above the floor or ground, and no more than 60 inches above the floor or ground. Obviously, the sign should be placed in an area where it will always be seen, so avoid putting it in a place where it will be obscured by propped-open doors or furniture.

Signs that are placed on doors have special rules. If there are double doors with one active leaf, the sign should be installed on the inactive leaf. If both leaves are active, the sign should be located just to the right of the right-side door. If there is not a wall space on a single door’s latch side or to the right of double doors, signs should be placed on the closest adjacent wall.

Abide by clear floor space rules. Floor decals or freestanding signs should not be located within the opening arc of any door swinging between its closed position and wide open position. 

 If you have questions about signage placement, please contact Chelsea Moody at or 651-744-4086.  

Sign Name



Where to Post

Health Screening - with translations




Main Entrances - Exterior Doors

Health Screening - without translations (8.5x11)




Other Entrances with Card Readers- Exterior Doors

Masks Required (11x17)




Main Entrances - Exterior Doors

Masks Required (8.5x11)



Other Entrances with Card Readers- Exterior Doors


Wash Your Hands




All Sink Locations (bathrooms, classroom sinks, staff break rooms, kitchens, health offices, etc)

Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19 (11x17)

Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19 (8.5x11)







Hallways and High Visibility Locations ( at Secondary Schools and Admin Sites ONLY)

for all sites:

Staff Break Rooms,

Main Offices,

Staff Bathrooms

Social Distancing at Work






Conference/ Meeting Rooms - Door

Quarantine vs. Isolation




Health Offices,

Staff Break Rooms

Isolation Room with Slider




Isolation Room - Door


Social Distancing




Gender Inclusive Bathrooms - at Entrance,

All Drinking Fountain and Hydration Station Locations,

Main Office waiting area (if needed)

Social Distancing Floor Decals


8" Round

Cafeteria- Waiting and Serving Lines (work with kitchen staff to place decals)

Main Office - in front of acrylic divider(s) and for waiting lines