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Site Directed Services

(Fees for Non-Maintenance Requests)

The Facilities Department builds, installs, repairs, and performs all maintenance on all St. Paul Public Schools Facilities. Sites may request additional services which are considered non-maintenance requests as a chargeable service.

What Are Non-Maintenance Work Orders?
Facilities provides these support services as a fee-based service

  • Service requests include: Adding, Changing, Moving of equipment or materials with a building
  • Chargeable Service? Yes; hourly labor rate, plus materials

Examples of Services Available:

  • hang/remove banners
  • erect and remove backdrops
  • whiteboard installations, removals, and relocations - beyond the one-per-room standard
  • key replacements for lost, stolen, or damaged keys
  • visual display installs/removals such as plaques and picture frames
  • furniture assembly
  • murals & logos (some assistance provided at no cost)
  • painting/applying decals & art projects

How to Make A Request

  1. Communicate your request to your Head Engineer, who will enter a work order in TMA for the site directed service. 
  2. Facilities Maintenance Supervisors will respond directly to the Principal/Building Administrator with a cost estimate (see below) and timeline. 
    1. Depending on criteria such as scope of work, staff availability, and timeframe needed to complete request, SPPS trades staff or contractors perform work. 
    2. The Principal/Building Administrator must reply with confirmation and budget code via email to the Maintenance Supervisor. 
      1. If work is to be performed by outside contractor, it will require Finance budget code approval as well; please cc your accountant for approval.
      2. SPPS performed work will default to the site’s material account code, unless otherwise advised. 
  3. A budget cost summary will be sent to accounting to transfer funds; Facilities will provide a summary of charges to individual sites.

Obtaining A Cost Estimate

If you would like a cost estimate prior to making a request, please contact one of our maintenance supervisors with details regarding your request. We have also provided a table of common services requested and average expected costs below for quick reference.

Cost Estimates: Who to Contact

To receive a cost estimate, please contact one of the below Facilities staff members with as much detail as possible regarding your request. 

Facilities One-Stop
General Inquiries
Main: 651-744-1800

Rich Hiltunen
Maintenance Supervisor - Mechanical Trades 
Office: 651-744-1831
Cell: 651-263-9806

Gregory Zernechel
Maintenance Supervisor - Structural Trades
Office: 651-744-4667

Cell: 612-468-2020 

Building and grounds maintenance, remodeling and physical improvement are the responsibility of the Office of Planning and Maintenance (Facilities).  Such work shall be performed only by qualified individuals or groups with prior written approval by the Chief of Operations or designee (Assistant Director of Facilities). Only Facilities Department staff may build, install, repair, and perform maintenance on any Saint Paul Public School facility.