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Education and Operations Services




District Service Facility building renamed Education and Operations Services (EOS)

On October 20, 2020, the Board of Education unanimously voted in favor of renaming the District Service Facility to Education and Operations Services (EOS). The decision to rename the building located at 1930 Como Avenue was in coordination with the building being expanded and remodeled to centralize approximately 230 district support staff from various departments to streamline collaboration within and across District departments and offices.

Because the profile of the building’s occupants will change significantly, the renovation provided an opportunity to rename the building to better reflect the mission of its current and new occupants. These are the departments/offices that will be housed at the Education and Operations Services building once the addition and remodel is completed in fall 2021: Facilities Department; Nutrition Services; Office of Digital and Alternative Education; Office of Early Learning; Office of Equity; Office of Teaching and Learning; and Technology Services/Print Copy Mail Services. The new name was selected through an engagement process with the building’s current and future staff. It should be noted that a cost-impact analysis revealed that there will be virtually no added costs related to the building’s name change.

Project Summary


District Service Facility, 1930 Como Av., St. Paul, MN 55108

Project scope:

The District Service Facility (DSF) is receiving a two-story addition and being remodeled to accommodate the increased number of staff being relocated to the site who were previously located in leased spaces. The remodeled site will house approximately 230 staff.

Staff moving to DSF work for the Office of Digital and Alternative Education, Office of Teaching and Learning, and Office of Equity; other departments and programs already located at DSF include the Facilities Department, Nutrition Services, Office of Early Learning, and Technology Services.

The project consists of the following scope: 

  • A two-story addition at the northeast corner to house new office spaces
  • Medium and light remodeling in the existing facility; not all areas of the current building will be remodeled
  • Features include flexible areas with hoteling spaces; open office spaces (without walls); private offices; training center; meeting rooms, inclusive restrooms; and gathering areas
  • Parking to accommodate the additional staff
  • Docks 4 and 5 on the west side of the building will be eliminated and Distribution will be permanently relocated to the east side of the building
  • New main electrical service installed in the building

Project Timeline (subject to change)

Project start and end dates: Spring 2020 - Fall 2021


Spring 2020: Ground breaking for addition; kitchen boiler replacement

Summer 2020: Staff currently housed along the east wall where the addition is planned will be moved to temporary locations within the building

Spring 2021: Addition completed


Spring 2021: Staff move into new addition; staff includes those who will permanently be housed in the addition, as well as staff who reside in other areas of the building to temporarily house them as remodeling in their permanent work areas is completed

June 2021: Remaining staff equipment and supplies from the Office of Educational Technology, Office of Teaching and Learning, and Office of Equity moved from E-STEM into offices or temporary storage

Fall 2021: PROJECT COMPLETED: All staff are moved into their permanent locations

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will staff already housed at DSF have to move during construction?

A few people will need to move in preparation for the construction of the addition at the northeast corner of the building. It is anticipated that staff who sit next to the east side of the front office area will need to move first as that is the location where the addition meets the existing building. Additional staff moves will occur once the addition is complete to accommodate the renovation of the existing office areas.

2. When will I find out where my permanent desk location will be? 

All permanent seating arrangements will ultimately be decided by program/department managers. Permanent seating will not be determined until much closer to the completion of the project.

3. How will parking be affected by the construction? 

During the year and a half of construction (spring 2020 to fall 2021), it is anticipated there may be fewer parking spaces available due to needing to use some parking area for the contractors’ staging area. Free street parking is available nearby along Como Ave. and Fifield St. (west side of building). Once the construction project is complete, the parking capacity will be aligned to the number of staff working onsite.

4. What will be done to mitigate noise and dust? 

While the complete elimination of noise and dust is not feasible, measures will be taken to reduce noise and dust as much as is practical by separating construction zones from work spaces, parking areas and walking paths.

Receive periodic project updates on the District Service Facility's building addition and remodeling.


January 2022

(see archive of past updates of all capital projects)

Project handout

Download the project handout:

DSF project handout


Contact information

Questions about the District Service Facility construction project can be directed to:

Pam Bookhout
Project Manager

Michelle Bergman Aho
Project Coordinator