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Governance Committee

FMP Governance Committee

Safeguarding the district’s 18-month (May 2014-October 2015) FMP engagement process is key in realizing the full intent and purpose of the FMP.   To this end, through the Five-Year Facilities Maintenance and Capital Plan resolution, the Board of Education charged the Facility Master Plan Governance Committee (FMP-GC) with adhering to the Facility Vision, Principles and Standards and using the agreed upon criteria as the lens to guide maintenance and construction projects throughout the district over the next 10 years.   The FMP-C will review and update the five-year plan annually based on factors that may impact the FMP criteria and proposed projects such as:

  • Enrollment projections.
  • Demographic changes.
  • Educational pathway/program realignment or changes.
  • Technology advances.
  • Changes to federal or state law impacting capital funding, etc.
  • Mandates all approved work be grounded in the approved FMP.

FMP-GC Membership Composition   The FMP-C will be reflective of the original FMP planning committee that was created at the onset (May 2014) of the FMP process by representing a broad cross section of district perspectives representing racial diversity and geographic distribution of the district. The FMP-C will continue to maintain and uphold the high Facility Standards that were collaboratively developed and agreed upon by a committee of parents, students, teachers, district staff, local businesses, local government agencies, community partners, and neighborhood joint-use partners. The FMP-C will be staffed by a member of the district’s Facility Planning Department.   FMP-C Roles and Responsibilities   The FMP-C membership will reaffirm their commitment to upholding the Facility Vision, Principles and Standards of the FMP in relation to the implementation of a rolling five-year plan for district facility improvements and maintenance. The FMP-C will convene annually to review and analyze the upcoming five years of construction and maintenance projects, on a rolling basis, proposed for the district. As part of this review process, the FMP-C will evaluate how well the district is adhering to the original vision and intent of the FMP.   While the FMP-C’s main duty will be to guide and validate upcoming facility decisions as outlined above and based on presentations by Facilities Department staff, FMP-C members will also have the opportunity to raise questions and ideas for further consideration. This information will be analyzed by Facilities Department staff, along with FMP-C findings of the proposed facility maintenance and construction projects’ adherence to the original intent and purpose of the FMP.   The discussion and feedback generated by the FMP-C will provide the basis for any potential modifications to the rolling five-year plan (whether regarding the fifth year, as is the primary purview or any trends/items that may retroactively impact projects in years three to five due to unforeseen circumstances). Devoid of these outlying factors, the primary focus of the FMP-C will be to affirm the alignment of the capital projects with the FMP priorities throughout the district.


In keeping with the expectations set by the Board of Education's Five-Year Facilities Maintenance and Capital Plan resolution, each year the Facilities Department convenes a Facilities Master Plan Governance Committee (FMP-GC) to provide Saint Paul Public Schools with feedback to inform annual adjustments to its Five-Year Facilities Maintenance and Capital Plan; summary reports of these sessions are provided below.


FMP-GC 2018 summary report

FMP-GC 2017 summary report