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Saint Paul Public Schools, District 625
360 Colborne Street
Saint Paul


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Highland Park Middle School

Highland Park Middle School: Construction Project

Highland Park Middle School will receive an addition and other significant building improvements. Details on the project scope and timeline are provided below and monthly progress updates can be found in the right-hand sidebar.

Construction Photos

Design Renderings


Project type:

Addition and renovation

Project budget:


Project scope:

  • New identifiable front entrance and main office suite
  • Two-story link addition
  • Fully remodeled kitchen and cafeteria
  • Renovated special education suite
  • Updated classroom technology
  • Gym floor replacement
  • Inclusive restrooms
  • Various renovations of existing spaces
  • Replacement of sidewalks, ramps and landings 
  • Updates to parking lot including new parent drop off lane
  • Stormwater management and landscaping

Project timeline: Spring 2024 to Fall 2025 (subject to change)

  • Spring 2024: Break ground on the new front entry/administrative addition on the west side of the building.

  • Summer 2024: Begin replacing classroom technology in three-story tower; replace floor finishes and lighting in three-story tower.

  • Winter 2024: New Front entry/administrative addition is complete, move into new space during Winter Break 2024.  Once the new administrative suite is occupied, begin remodel of old administrative suite to convert to new classrooms/breakout rooms.

  • Spring 2025: Complete old administrative renovation; start renovation of kitchen/cafeteria space as well as new two-story link between middle school and high school.

  • Summer 2025: Begin interior renovation of special education suite; complete classroom technology upgrades in remainder of building; replace gym floor; finish replacing flooring and lighting upgrades.

  • Fall 2025: Complete kitchen/cafeteria renovation and new two-story link; complete all earthwork/landscaping; wrap project.

Receive periodic project updates on Highland Park Middle School's building addition and remodeling.


Renovation update - July 2024; HVAC update - July 2024
(see archive of past updates of all capital projects)


Mike Christen
Project Manager
Cell: 612-280-2533

Download the project summary

Highland Park Middle School project summary