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Saint Paul Public Schools, District 625
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Volunteer Opportunities

The SPPS Facilities Department graciously welcomes volunteers to lend their talents to improving school buildings and grounds. Entrusted by School Board policy to create durable, safe and welcoming environments, the Facilities Department guides volunteer efforts to positively impact schools while limiting liability for volunteers and District.

Types of Volunteer Opportunities

While all volunteer requests are appreciated, not all requests can be accepted. The following outlines the activities that can be considered for volunteer opportunities:

  • Site-based beautification activities, such as flower planting and gardening.
  • Assembly of approved manufactured furniture.
  • Joint efforts led by organizations with previous experience working on public-sector projects and have the necessary supervision and liability coverage.
  • Painting:
    • Murals:
      • Location selection and preparations are guided by Facilities Department staff.
      • All exterior murals are subject to City of Saint Paul ordinances and are to be constructed with removable panels.
      • All interior murals must have walls prepped by Facilities Department staff and paint selection must be consistent with District standards.
    • General painting:
      • The proposed project must be approved by Facilities Dept.
      • Walls must be prepped by Facilities Dept. and paint selection must be consistent with District standards.

Resources and Supplies

In support of volunteer efforts, the Facilities Department will supply the following:

  • Limited landscaping supplies, such as mulch and black dirt
  • Technical experience and plan review
  • Painting preparation
  • Limited project management

Professional Work

For the sake of creating safe environments, the following work must be handled exclusively by professionals:


If there is a facilities-related volunteer project that you are interested in providing, please contact the Facilities Department at 651-744-1800 or