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Saint Paul Public Schools, District 625
360 Colborne Street
Saint Paul


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RiverEast Elementary and Secondary

RiverEast Elementary and Secondary - Facilities Information

1055 Mackubin St.  |  RiverEast Elementary and Secondary website

RiverEast Elementary and Secondary

Maintenance and Custodial

Custodial Contact Information:

Phone: 612-368-7860


Grounds Management Responsible Parties:

Building Entries, Steps, Sidewalks: Custodial

Bus Loading/Unloading: Parks and Rec

City Sidewalk: Parks and Rec

Parking Lot: Parks and Rec

Loading Dock/Service Area: Custodial/Parks and Rec 

Large Grass Areas: Parks and Rec

Trimming/Walk Behind Mower: Custodial

Litter and Trash Pickup: Parks and Rec

Outdoor Trash Barrels in Fields and Play Area: Parks and Rec

School Garden Upkeep: School/Parent Group

Hard surface/Play Areas:N/A


Health & Safety Information:

Lead in Water Report

Indoor Air Quality Survey

Ventilation Survey

Asbestos Information Page

Fire Marshal Inspection Report

Lead in Construction

Waste & Sustainability Information:

B3 Benchmarking (energy & water usage)

  • In the upper right corner, select the “Energy Mode” tab to view energy data, and the “Water Mode” tab to view water data

Green Halo Waste Tracking (waste & recycling data)

  • Select the "Statistics" or "Materials" tabs for information about your site


RiverEast School was relocated over the summer of 2018 from the Homecroft building to a new building at 1055 Mackubin Street; the new RiverEast school opened in September for the 2018-19 school year; see more information on the RiverEast relocation - project website.

Background on the Facilities Master Plan.