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Cooperating Teachers

Cooperating Teachers in SPPS

Thank you for helping to prepare future teachers by agreeing to be a cooperating teacher. Teacher candidates bring our staff a wealth of new ideas and our students an opportunity for additional learning. I hope the experience will be gratifying for you.

Pre-service training of teachers in SPPS requires cooperating teachers and student teacher candidates to participate in co-teaching methods during the pre-service placement. As a part of the co-teaching model, cooperating teachers and teacher candidates are highly encouraged to complete two courses on co-teaching prior to placement.

The packet linked to this page contains the details of your teacher candidate’s placement and more information on the co-teaching requirements. The teacher candidate has received the same Teacher Candidate Confirmation along with background information on district policies and a school year calendar. Guidelines and attendance procedures are also included in the event you need to address any concerns as they occur.

We want to be sure to consider all teacher candidates prepared in our district as potential employees. Your assistance in preparing new professionals is greatly appreciated and your assessment of your teacher candidate’s strengths is highly valued. You will receive an email with a form at the end of the semester for you to provide feedback on your teacher candidate. When you receive the email, please promptly respond to the survey. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Human Resources.

Thank you for your assistance and ongoing commitment to the district and the teaching profession.


SPPS Human Resource Department

Cooperating Teacher Packet