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Online Fundraising

What is Online Fundraising?

Online fundraising uses a model of crowdfunding, raising money by taking relatively small donations from a large number of people. While similar fundraisers can be done through benefits and other venues, internet-based crowdfunding is often more time and cost-effective, particularly for schools and programs.

With online fundraising, it's quick and easy for people and businesses to donate to your project, event or school from nearly anywhere in the world. You put together the content that appeals most to your possible funders, and the fundraising platform manages the collection process.

What Makes Online Fundraising Successful?

It is essential to consider what content will best appeal to viewers and donors, as well as what fits your current campaign. The use of images, video and a story can make your fundraiser compelling enough for viewers to donate. Be prepared to change up your content if it doesn’t seem to be inspiring donations. For long-term fundraisers (campaigns encouraging donations to the school or program in general throughout the year), be sure to update your content regularly to ensure the campaign continues to look active and inviting.

Exposure is the most significant element in a successful fundraiser. Increase exposure for your fundraiser by sharing links to the donation page with as many people as possible across a variety of platforms. Announce or launch the fundraiser in school communications (monthly or weekly updates), on the website, and on school-related social media. Use your social media contacts and ask or invite people to share your posts.

For more information on how to design your fundraising campaign to be successful, check out our Online Fundraising Tips.

Recommended Fundraising Platforms

Not all crowdfunding platforms are suited for school fundraising. SPPS recommends sticking to the list below of trusted fundraising platforms. Go Fund Me and Kickstarter are not recommended fundraising sites.