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Saint Paul Public Schools, District 625
360 Colborne Street
Saint Paul


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Strategic Plan

SPPS Achieves is Saint Paul Public Schools’ districtwide strategic plan that sets goals for student achievement, guides decision-making, and focuses our efforts on long-term outcomes. This plan was created in 2018 and was adjusted in 2021 to include efforts to improve student outcomes after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Mission

Inspire students to think critically, pursue their dreams and change the world.

Long-term Student Outcomes

The SPPS Achieves Strategic Plan is shaped through six long-term student outcomes. These are key areas of achievement we want to improve in order to raise the performance of all students.

  1. Decrease disparities in achievement based on race, ethnicity, culture and identity

  2. Increase achievement of English Learners
  3. Increase achievement of students receiving special education services
  4. Improve kindergarten readiness
  5. Increase academic growth in reading and math for all students
  6. Prepare all graduates for college, career and life

District-Wide Priorities (Focus Areas)

Strategic focus areas are what we need to do as a district to bring about positive change in student achievement. The strategic focus areas include:

Systemic Equity
Identify and address institutional and systemic inequities

Positive School and District Culture
Create a shared sense of community to build trust and collaboration within and outside our schools

College and Career Readiness
Increase opportunities for students to envision their future, explore careers and prepare for postsecondary education

Program Evaluation and Resource Allocation 
Evaluate the effectiveness of current programs and make informed adjustments and investments

Effective and Culturally Relevant Instruction
Provide instruction in ways that are responsive to each student so they stay engaged and feel valued in the classroom

Family and Community Engagement
Provide more opportunities for families and community members to have input in district decisions

Strategic Plan Initiatives

Strategic initiatives are significant projects that will help make a difference in student learning and achievement.

First page of the PDF file: English_SPPSAchievesStrategicPlanInitiatives

Progress Monitoring 

Review the SPPS Achieves framework and objectives, initial action plans, measurements for success, and progress reports.


Stakeholder Engagement

SPPS is committed to working with stakeholders throughout the implementation of the strategic plan.