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Other Data Systems


Other Data Systems

  Other Data Systems


Bolt is a tool for authorized district staff to explore data visually by interacting with dashboards containing SPPS data related to performance and achievement, behavior, and demographics.

Non-disclosure training required for access to BOLT (authorized personnel only)

MDE Report Card

This tool is designed to provide parents, educators, schools, districts and citizens with easy access to district and school information, test results, demographic information and other critical data in a centralized location. Choose from several reports to learn more about the state of education in your local district, a specific school, or the state as a whole.

MDE Secured Reports

MDE Secured Reports are located on the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) website where authorized personnel (i.e., school principals and district administrators) can view and download a wide variety of student, school, district and state test data.

Minnesota Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System (SLEDS)

The Minnesota Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System (SLEDS) matching student data from pre-kindergarten through completion of postsecondary education and into the workforce.

Campus Portal

Campus Portal is our tool for parents and students to access instant, online, timely and secure student information about their student’s work in Saint Paul Public Schools, and about issues that may affect them and their family.