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6401 - Non Instructional Supplies

6401 - Non Instructional Supplies

Object/Account Code 6401

Authorization: Pre-approval required

Non-instructional materials are generally office supplies or professional development materials for teachers, not students. General office supplies are not an acceptable use of TI funds unless they are for a program funded solely by TI funds, are necessary or reasonable and further the grant aims of that program. All materials with life expectancy of more than 1 year must be marked “Purchased with Title I” in some permanent manner.


Determine if the expenditure is “Necessary and Reasonable": You must answer yes to these questions before ordering.

  • Will the materials serve the needs of the program in implementing the aims and purpose of the grant?
  • Are they necessary and reasonable?
  • Are they supplemental and would a prudent person approve of the cost or see the purchase as necessary?
  1. Use the goods matrix to determine process for purchasing and getting price quote or comparison (must have at least two). 

  2. Under $3500.00 (schools) $5000.00 (programs):
    • Submit the Title I order form on PeopleSoft and document the need and intended use (need should be aligned to and support the SCIP strategies and goals).
    • Once approved, a) use your PCard to order the item, b) order through an approved vendor or c) use other approved means and attach a price comparisons (at least 2 for each item) and give rationale for chosen vendor (e.g. best price).
    • District contracted vendors (e.g. Innovative Office) should be considered first before ordering from other vendors unless another vendor has a better price.
    • Retain copies of all receipts if applicable and submit to business office in the appropriate manner consistent with purchasing process used.
    • Payment of Invoice: If you have an invoice that needs to be paid, or a reimbursement to be made, create a voucher in PeopleSoft and attach the invoice or receipts, and Title I Order Form approval.
    • PCard Statements: If items are purchased with a PCard and charged to TI, send the reconciled PCard statement to Peggy Cihlar. Include with the statement, copies of all receipts and the Title I Order Form approvals for each purchase on the statement paid for with TI funds.

  1. Over $3,500.00/$5000.00 Create a requisition on PeopleSoft. When approved, the purchasing agent will create a P.O. and place the order for the school/program.
    • Receive: When the items arrive, receive the order and send original invoice & packing slips to Laurie Niblick in the business office.

Form: Title I Order Form and/or

           Requisition and PeopleSoft