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6490 Food

6490 - Food for Title I Family Engagement

Object/Account Code: 6490

Authorization: Pre-approval required

Food is an allowable Title I expense, so long as it is a necessary component of a school's academic activity, has a clear academic focus and meets the other requirements below.

Food purchases are only to be considered for Title I approved family engagement activities that happen over the meal hour.

The purpose of purchasing food for a family engagement event is to help remove barriers so families can participate in activities at that time of the day or evening that occurs over a meal hour.  

All activities where food is purchased through Title I must have a strong academic focus and be pre-approved (TI Order Form).

  • Food may not be provided as a reward (to parents, students or volunteers) or for purely celebratory activities.
  • Only light healthy snacks, no large dinners or meals of any kind will be approved.
  • In keeping with our wellness policy we do not fund desserts of any kind. Consider things like fruit, crackers, vegetable trays, etc.
  • Ice cream, cookies, cakes will not be approved.
  • Food may be purchased from the District Food Service, restaurants, caterers or grocery stores.

Caterers must have the appropriate licenses in order to be used and you must complete the Independent Contractor vs. Employee process if you use a caterer.


  1. School plans a family engagement event, that has an academic focus.
  2. It has been decided that food must be ordered due to the time of the event (over the meal hour). It is decided that it will help families be able to attend since the event occurs during meal time.
  3. On PeopleSoft, fill out the Title I Order Form and fill out the appropriate sections pertaining to food purchases.  
  4. Attach the flyer for the event. The flyer must include the following information:
    • Identifies that the event is sponsored by Title I.
    • Clearly identifies the academic initiative (i.e. Family Math Night - Parents and students will have fun playing games while practicing their geometry and algebra skills at the same time)
  5. Provide comparative pricing from two vendors. Pricing must be considered “reasonable” for the items purchased. Vendor with the best price must be selected.
  6. Once approved, school makes purchases one of the following ways.
    • School P-Card, or
    • Person can be reimbursed by submitting a voucher for payment.
    • Vendor sends invoice for payment.

  7. Documentation of the Event
    • The school keeps all copies of
      • the agenda that lists the academic focus,
      • sign-in sheets showing the roles of participants (e.g. staff, parent, student) and
      • flyers with "sponsored or paid for by Title I and the academic focus" clearly articulated on the flyer
  • Purchases without proper prior approval will not be approved after-the-fact.
  • No supplies other than items such as paper plates, cups, napkins, and eating utensils will be allowed on a PCard purchase for food without additional proper prior approval (see 6430, 6401 for purchases of supplies).

Events that have not been approved for Title I food orders recently:

  1. Band concert
  2. Graduation ceremony
  3. Volunteer recognition lunch
  4. Student of the Month Pizza Party
  5. Honor Roll Celebration
  6. Open Houses for Prospective Families unless the Title I Annual Meeting is the primary focus.
  7. Non-academic performances and convocations

Please note: Events celebrating Hmong New Year, African-American Parent Involvement Day, Cinco de Mayo or other cultural or historical dates must be carefully planned to ensure a sufficient academic focus.

Form: Title I Order Form

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