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Other Licensed Staff - 6143

6143 - Other Licensed Staff (Coaches, Parent Educators, etc.)

Authorization: HR, Asst. Superintendent, TI

Schools may use TI funds to pay for instructional coaching. Coaches have typically supported the following type activities:

  • Data teams process, working with the school leadership team and grade level PLC teams.
  • Content area coaches, developing teachers’ content area knowledge and skills in reading/language arts and mathematics.
  • PBIS/behavior coaches, developing skills and systems around improving behavior management and behavior systems in the school.

Parent educators can help a school improve their capacity to engage parents in their children’s education. Parent educators go beyond providing site based family engagement events. They are trained with specific skills to work with families which include knowledge in:

  • Child & Lifespan Development Dynamics of Family Relationships
  • Family Life Education Guidance & Nurturing
  • Health & Safety Diversity in Family Systems
  • School & Child Care Relationships Community Relationships
  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Professional Practice & Methods Related to Adult Learning & Family Support


  1. All positions must be supplemental in nature.

  2. Consult with your Title I program manager or supervisor prior to submitting the requisition. 

  3. Follow district procedures for hiring.

  4. For any employees paid totally by Title I funds, supervisors must complete semi-annual certifications which verify that the employee has worked 100% on the federal grant for the first half of the year. Semi-annual certification is completed every six months, once in early January and again in early July. The supervisor will be notified via email to log into PeopleSoft to complete the Semi-Annual Certification.

  5. For any employee whose activities are split between Title I funds and other funds, must complete bi-weekly time and effort reporting of their time. Through the Bi-Weekly Time and Effort form, an employee will allocate the number of hours worked for the pay period across each program and determine the percentage of hours in each program area if it’s different than the default.The total must equal 100%. The employee will then submit the time and effort report through PeopleSoft to the supervisor each pay period. The supervisor will then review and approve the employee’s report bi-weekly.