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Taxi Cab/Lyft Procedures

Title I Transportation Procedures

Update on Documentation Procedures

It is no longer necessary to document rides. Information provided by Lyft is sufficient for compliance purposes. Please contact Consuelo Urbina if you have specific questions or concerns about your school's Title I transportation funds.

Purpose and Allowable Activities

The purpose of transportation funds is to remove a barrier that prevents parents/guardians from full participation in the academic life of their student(s). These activities may be conferences, meetings, parent involvement events etc. Transportation funds may only be used for activities that directly support the parent's involvement in the academic education of their child and their involvement at the school.


Lyft may be used as a last resort when there is no other means of transportation available.

Lyft may not be used to transport students to and from school, to the doctor, or any reason due to their inability to get to school during the day. Lyft is to be used to facilitate the participation of parents in their children’s education.

Authorized Users

  • Each school/building has a site/login code for Lyft. Please protect this information as Title I or the school is responsible for every trip charged to this account number. Never give the account number to a parent or community person or another staff person other than the authorized persons provided to Title I.

Ordering a Lyft


Allowable Activities

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Family Nights
  • IEP Meetings
  • Site Council
  • Parent Meetings
  • Open House
  • School Event

Activities NOT Allowed

  • Discipline
  • Enrollment
  • Sick Child
  • Missed Bus
  • Dr. Appointment
  • Transport Student