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Saint Paul Public Schools, District 625
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Transportation Forms for Schools & Teachers

Field, Athletic and Community Education Trips

The Transportation Department administers the bidding, ordering, and payment process for all field, athletic, and Community Education trips for the Saint Paul Public Schools.

All trips for all District schools, activities, and departments must be ordered through the Field Trip Office, regardless of what fund or organization is funding the trip expense. Contractors are authorized to accept orders for field, athletic, or Community Education trips transporting District students or staff only from the District Transportation Department. Individual schools, principals, or school staff are not authorized to order any field trips, athletic trips, or Community Education trips.

The contract rates for Field, Athletic, and Community Education trip service are applicable only to the Saint Paul Public Schools and its departments. District contract field trip rates may not be extended to transportation for an activity, organization, or entity other than SPPS under any circumstances.

Charter and nonpublic schools are not part of the Saint Paul Public Schools. Field, athletic, and Community Education trip service rates under the District's transportation contracts are not applicable to service for charter or nonpublic schools. The District and our contract school bus companies can provide a variety of school buses, including 47, 53, 59, 71, 83, and 89 passenger units, as well as school buses equipped with wheelchair lifts.

Schools may not utilize transportation service from any organization, entity, or person that has not been approved by the District Transportation Department. Schools may not, under any circumstances, utilize buses or vehicles owned and/or operated by non licensed carriers, including private individuals, churches, nursing homes, social service agencies, or other entities, including agencies of Ramsey County and the City of Saint Paul.


Transportation Forms for Schools & Teachers