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Saint Paul Public Schools, District 625
360 Colborne Street
Saint Paul


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Earn as You Learn

Earn a $300 stipend while exploring career interests, working on industry certificates, preparing for the workplace, and learning financial literacy! Students can complete the work from home.       

Who is Earn as You Learn for?

SPPS students in grades 8-12th in SY 2022-23. Students will be accepted into the program on a first-come, first served basis. 

How does Earn as You Learn work?

In order to earn the stipend, students will be required to complete the following components:

1) Online Certification course and exam #1

2) Online Certification course and exam #2

3) Financial Literacy or Employability Skills

4) End of Program feedback


See FAQs below or email if you have questions. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Student Voice


Student Comments 

Overall Program

"This program has had a forever lasting impact on me. It taught me that i need to start getting serious with my money and jobs if i want to have a good future. It educated me completely on credit, what it is, and how to build and maintain it. as well as various types of scams i could receive in my life and how to evaluate whether ot not something is a scam. It also educated me for future careers involving customer service, showing me how i should properly interact with customers. And the certification looks good on my resume."

"I am able to set realistic goals for myself when doing online work. I learned how to manage my time when doing work. While doing this program, I would try to set a certain amount of time to do work, and then I would try to finish that amount of work in that day, helping me set goals for myself when doing online learning."

Career Interest Exploration

"One benefit I had was being able to learn more about my career interests and gain a better understanding of what skills I have from the Holland Code test. The Holland Code was really helpful to me because I now know what careers fit best with who I am and how I work. I really liked how I was able to learn about more careers and the website provided lots of information like salary and college majors for that career."

"The career exploration section helped me figure out and research possible career options that fit my personality and aspirations. This will allow me to do more field specific research on career fields I find helpful."

Financial Literacy

"The program also taught me about life after high school. I'm glad I was able to learn about credit cards, credit, investments, retirement, etc. These are things that are good to know about while young so you'd don't ruin your life early. I learned a lot about credit and how one small mistake can cast you a lot of money due to not paying attention to small details. FoolProof Me also helped me learn that a lot of companies don't want to help you; these companies actually want you to pay more interest so they can take your money away. I liked that FoolProof was interactive and had activities to do." 

"In FoolProof, I learned how to navigate the major milestones in life. I think that this was the most important section of the program. These skills should be taught to everyone in school. Learning about taxes, insurance, credit, bank accounts, savings, how to budget money etc are skills that I will use and benefit from for the rest of my life."

"I have gained a understanding of how credit works, how to avoid scams that I once did fall for, how to pick a good insurance for myself, how taxes work and what they are, what credit is and what the serious impact it has on everyone’s everyday life. This program has also helped myself prove to myself that I can accomplish a lot more than I think I can and that sometimes I just need to try out new things especially when there is so much to gain and nothing to lose."

"Participating in the Earn as You Learn program gave me the opportunity to try something new and to keep myself busy during the summer. Because of the current pandemic, I had trouble finding opportunities, so I am grateful to have gotten to develop new computer skills, learn financial skills and research prospective careers. I’ve found myself bringing up the various things I learned in the Foolproof course into conversations with my family. It was a cool experience to be able to have already known about some of the things related to how the financial institutions work when doing my banking over the past few months."


"After completing the OSHA certification program, I feel that I have a much stronger understanding of safety expectations and requirements, not only in my workplaces, but everywhere I go. With the knowledge I gained regarding employers' responsibilities when it comes to OSHA standards, I feel better prepared to advocate for myself and others when accidents occur or hazards are present in a workplace environment. As I will be applying for internships and jobs in the near future, this certification is also a great addition to my resume."

"I have come out of this program with an official business certification for Microsoft Excel, which handles spreadsheets and other data. This is certainly a very strong piece for a high school student to have on a resume, and this might allow me to get a job that I otherwise could not have gotten."