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Saint Paul Public Schools, District 625
360 Colborne Street
Saint Paul


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Read more about the Catching a Dream program elements below.



This supplemental service assists American Indian students in academic, career, and college planning, as well as social and emotional development, all while honoring their culture.

Individual school counseling sessions are provided to students throughout the academic year, and these services are offered at no cost.

Culturally-Responsive School Counseling






Students will have access to group counseling, field trips, guest speakers, Native arts/crafts, and other experiences that emphasize culture and cultural ways.  These experiences will encourage and strengthen our students towards the development of a positive, personal cultural identity.

Cultural Experiences



Our program continually advocates for services and systemic change to benefit our American Indian students.  SPPS supports the Indian Education School Counselors to foster relationships with key stakeholders and non-profit agencies.  Through these relationships, we are able to assess the obstacles, challenges, and strengths of our American Indian students and to then develop strategic programming and acquire funding.  This supports equity of services and leads to systemic change.

Advocacy & Systemic Change




By partnering and collaborating with district and community resources, we create a Circle of Support around our students.  Elders, Youth Workers, Mental Health Providers, and Tutors are available to empower our American Indian students on their journey through high school.  Also, our Circle of Support meetings bring families together to create a community of support for one another.

Circle of Support