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Saint Paul Public Schools, District 625
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Language and Culture

Language and Culture Programs

The ELL Department strives to develop programs that will help students maintain their first language and retain their cultures as they integrate into the English-speaking culture. Many of the programs that aim to preserve and promote the languages and cultures of the students in Saint Paul Public Schools are also working towards the goal of increasing cultural and self awareness of all students, parents, and staff. Language and Culture Enrichment Programs provide a variety of services and learning opportunities for students, parents, staff, and the community. Services and learning opportunities are available through the following components:

Hmong Enrichment Programs (HEP) provide educational opportunities for all students while preserving and promoting the Hmong language and culture through the Hmong Dual Language Program, Hmong Literacy and Culture, and Hmong Culture, Literacy, Art 'n' Dance (CLAnD).

Latino Consent Decree (LCD) focuses on the education of Latino MLL students through bilingual content support, Spanish literacy instruction, and Latino culture.

Somali Enrichment Programs provide Somali students with the opportunity to learn about their own language and culture as well as enhancing all students' knowledge and understanding of different cultures and ways of life through Somali Academic Literacy and Teaching (SALT).

Professional Development and Resources

In addition to programs and services for students, we also offer a variety of professional development and resources for staff and community.  Our cultural specialists provide cultural presentations that can be tailored for the needs of your school and community setting.  For more information on World Languages, please visit the Office of Teaching and Learning.