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Teacher's Corner

Photo of prairie and forest landscape

We are very excited to welcome you and your class to Belwin Outdoor Science. We invite you to explore this page to...

  • Learn what logistical things need to be done before your visit.
  • Register your students for their classes.
  • Check out Pre and Post-Trip lessons that you can do in the classroom.

Before Your Visit

As a classroom teacher you have 3 important tasks to address in preparation for your trip to Belwin Outdoor Science.

  1. Organize the mechanics of the trip (described below).
  2. Use curriculum to prepare students. When classroom teachers make curriculum connections the learning process is more meaningful.
  3. Accompany students in their outdoor learning.


Prepare for your trip

Google Meet Pre/Post Lessons

Our staff is available for leading outdoor pre/post lessons through an online Google Meet.  If interested in this programming, please check the appropriate box when you register your class for your visit to Belwin Outdoor Science.

Need other resources such as activities, materials or ideas? Below you will find a list of some resources that may be useful. Please contact us if you would like more information or resources (including Project Learning Tree)!

Curricula Connections