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Information for Staff

Digital Learning - Information for Staff


Seesaw is a digital portfolio that allows students to access instructional materials and activities and submit artifacts of their learning to share with their teacher and family. Students in grades PreK- 3rd grade use Seesaw. SPPS uses the Seesaw for Schools version, which has extra features like automatic rostering, multipage activities, and additional co-teachers.

Have questions about using Seesaw in your classroom? Contact Amanda Madsen for more information.

Seesaw Log In

Use Clever to sign into staff and student Seesaw accounts.

Log in Support

View materials to support students and staff with logging into Seesaw through Clever.

Connect with Families

Invite family members to be part of your Seesaw Community. Families will be able to view their only child's work in Seesaw. 

Seesaw Help

Visit the Seesaw support page for more information on class settings, creating activities, and using Seesaw multimodal tools


Schoology allows for creating, organizing and delivering online content for courses. Schoology is the LMS used by teachers and students in grades 4-12. Teachers can monitor andassess assignment completion and provide feedback. Students can interact with course requirements and conveniently access course information. Schoology also allows guardians to view their child’s progress in order to provide support at home.

Teachers can:

  • use a variety of formats to engage students
  • post assignments online for easy and convenient access
  • assign and collect homework online
  • assess learning quickly in order to customize instruction
  • provide feedback in multiple ways
  • collaborate with students
  • have a platform to use other tools like Google, audio and video files

  Students can:

  • engage with lessons in a variety of ways such as discussion posts, audio and video files
  • stay organized by accessing assignments and calendars conveniently online
  • submit assignments linked through Google and other apps
  • collaborate with teachers and students in a safe, online environment
  • prepare for college and career that will likely use similar LMS platforms

  Families can:

  • help their child stay organized with assignment due dates
  • help their child access assignments and view course information
  • monitor grades
  • stay informed with school and class announcements


Have questions?
Contact Pete Grebner for more Schoology information.


Log in to your SPPS Schoology account to access courses you are teaching or taking. 

Families Portal

Support families and students with logging into Schoology and other online tools by using the SPPS Families Portal.

Digital Citizenship For Staff

In a 1:1 environment, it is critical that we build knowledge and skills about responsible technology use. These required lessons help teachers deliver important content and build skills for students as they practice safe and appropriate behaviors. 

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship includes appropriate and responsible use of technology by staff and students and is an important expectation for the security and data privacy of our 1:1 iPad environment.

The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) provides federal funding for our district's internet infrastructure and requires that schools and libraries use internet filters and other tools to protect children from harmful online content and that school districts educate every student on digital citizenship, online privacy and safety, and appropriate online behavior every year in order to continue receiving eRate funding. In compliance with the CIPA St Paul Public Schools provides all students PK-12 with lessons about:

  • digital citizenship
  • online safety and privacy
  • appropriate online behavior

September Is Digital Citizenship Month For Saint Paul Public Schools

All lessons should be taught and recorded in Campus by September 29, 2023.

Saint Paul Public Schools partners with Common Sense Education to provide lessons on digital citizenship.

Have questions? Contact Amanda Madsen for more information on Digital Citizenship.


Lessons provided for teachers

Genius Squad

Genius Squad is a unique model that builds technical and digital skills for students while having them serve and support technology operations at SPPS schools. Students expand their skills and content knowledge with digital resources and iPads while providing real world support for teachers and other students with technology needs.

Genius Squad members participate in, lead, and assist with technology integration a a wide variety of ways at their respective schools and at a district-level. This level of involvement also allows for career pathways exploration and preparation. 

Have questions? Contact Emiy Kjesbo or Karen Vidlock for more information.


iPad Support