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Divergent and Creative Thinking Activities

 Activities for students during January assessments — or whenever the creative mood strikes!

Create Your Own Music: BLOB OPERA



Blob Opera BIG THINK Questions:

  • Play! Play! Play!
  • Record your song and explain your choices to a family member.
  • Try making a pattern.
  • Who are these four characters? What are their names?
  • Where do they come from? Can you make up a story about them?
  • What language do they sing in? (Hint: it might be a made-up language!)
  • Try this: Record a song and make up your own words to go with it!

Where Do Toys Come From?

I'll bet you have a favorite toy!  You know why?  Because you're a kid and kids love to play!

Did you know that most toys had to be INVENTED by someone?  Maybe you've even used your imagination to create your own.

Learn more by watching this video:

"How are toys invented" BIG THINK Questions:

  • What is your favorite toy?  Do you know who invented it? Find an older friend or family member who can help you search for the inventor online!
  • If you could change ONE thing about your favorite toy, what would it be?  Why?


  • Oh no! Did you hear? The invention in the video happened BY MISTAKE! That's right: a GOOD mistake.

  • Have you ever had a "goof" an "oops" or a mistake that ended up becoming a good thing? 

  • Tell someone in your family about it.  What did you learn from your goof?


  • What would it be like if there weren't ANY toys in the WHOLE WORLD?
  • Most of the time we think of toys being just for kids.  What about grown-ups? Can grown-ups have toys?  What kind of toys would they play with?
  • IMAGINATION ACTIVITY:  Record an Interview with your favorite toy: what's it like to live with you? What other questions can you think of?


  • How do you feel when you play with your favorite toy?  Why do you think it makes you feel that way?
  • Has your favorite toy always been your favorite?  If not, why did your favorite change?


  • If you could invent any kind toy, what would it look like?  What would it do?  What would it be named?

  • Draw a picture and describe it to someone you know! 

Faces of Creativity

Use objects from your house to create a FACE. Try to be as creative as possible 🙂

When you are happy with the face you have made take a photo and share it with someone! 

  • How many different feelings can you show?
  • How many different objects can you use?!

(Don't forget to put everything back where you found them!)

Clothing Art







We might not all have paint and canvas — but we DO have clothes! 

Can you turn your clothes into ART?! 

Take a picture when you're done!

Challenge: how many different "pictures" can you make with the same pieces of clothes?

(Important: Don't forget to put all the clothes back where you found them!)

Read! Read! Read!

Pick a book — any book. Then, Read it.

  • Next....find your hand and ALL FIVE FINGERS!
  • Make-believe (Fiction): Re-tell the story with the hand on the left.
  • OR
  • Facts and research (Non-Fiction): Describe some of the facts you read.

<— OR —> 

Want to try something a little more? TRY THIS:


  • SOMEBODY: Who is the main character?​

  • WANTED: What is the main thing they want?

  • BUT: Think about problems or obstacles...

  • SO: What does the character do in response to the problems or challenges?

  • THEN: How does it all end up? Connect it back to the problem or the main want.

Try this with at least one book each day!

Create Your Own Story

Record yourself: Create a story by filling in these sentence starters:

1. Once upon a time...

2. And every day...

3. But one day...

4. And because of that...

5. And because of that...

6. And because of that...

7. Finally, ...

8. And ever since that day...

Fun Challenge: take turns with a family member,

where each person does a different line!

Turn Your Story Into A Book

Yes!  Your story can be made into your very own book! AND, with only one piece of paper:

Learn more by watching this video:

Draw a picture from your book on each page of your book. 

Then you can re-tell your story to family and friends!

What OTHER stories from your imagination can you make into books?

Create Your Own Counting Book

Hear the story HERE!!


Very Hungry Caterpillar BIG THINK Questions:

  • What did you notice? What did you wonder?
  • Do you know your Numbers?
  • Do you know your Days of the Week?
  • If, so, you can create your own Counting Book!

Pick an animal or other main character.

Follow the pattern from the Caterpillar story to create your own.


Record your story or Draw your story.


Explain your choices to a family member.

Creative extension: Can you turn your story into a song? Record your song and share it!


School Hopes & Dreams

We learn all the time!

And we also get to learn in school. What do you love to learn?

What are you hoping school will be like?


School Dreams BIG THINK Questions:

  • What are your hopes and dreams for school?
  • What do love about learning?

😀 🏫 ❤️

Draw those inside the frame.

Record your voice, expressing your thoughts and feelings.

Brain Dance

I'll bet you love to move!  Guess what? Your movement or dancing can help you brain THINK!

Learn more by watching one of these videos:

BIG THINK Questions:

  • How did that feel?  Do you notice a difference with your thinking?
  • Try creating your OWN Brain Dance.

Find Your Favorite Letters

Using your imagination is fun.  Think about finding shapes in the clouds....

We're going to practice our letters by finding them all around us!

BIG THINK Questions:

  • Can you find MORE examples of letters in the world around you?
  • Share pictures in your SeeSaw.
  • Why do you think our eyes and brain can see these?

From Forkie to Fabulous

Transform everyday objects into NEW inventions and characters.

Sometimes our imagination thinks of BIG ideas, and sometimes our brains can make simple things BETTER!

Create a "before" and "after"collection of images.

Share pictures in your family and friends!  Record your thinking and share that, too!

BIG THINK Questions:

  • What makes an object "common" or everyday?
  • Remember: there was a time BEFORE we had that thing? 
  • What do you think life was like then? What do you think people first thought of this new thing when they saw it?
  • LANGUAGE CHALLENGE:  Can you combine two things into one?  For example: "Spork = Spoon + Fork"
    • If you picked two items to combine, what would IT be called?
  • CHARACTER/NARRATIVE CHALLENGE: Turn your favorite object into a character! 
    • What is their name? (Why did you choose that name?)
    • Where did they come from? Why are they here?