School Attendance Matters (SAM): Saint Paul Public Schools Attendance Procedures


    Student Attendance Guidance During Distance Learning 2.0: Fall 2020

    Attendance in Distance Learning 2.0 looks different from the spring. This fall: 

    • Students or parents will indicate once daily in Campus that the student will be participating in all their classes. This once daily check-in process is independent from an individual class. Rather, the one check in shows participation for all classes at the same time.
    • The parent/guardian check in option will allow parents of young children and children with disabilities to assist their children with the process. 

    Expectations for Students and/or Parents/Guardians:

    • Support your student to check in by clicking “Yes, I’m here” in Campus daily to indicate attendance. 
    • Monitor your student’s engagement in Distance Learning by checking for completion of assignments, completing asynchronous lessons (anytime), and attending synchronous sessions (sametime). 
    • Communicate with the teacher if you have questions about how to mark “Participated” in Campus for Attendance.
    • Call or email your school to report excused absences.
    • Contact the school office if you believe your attendance is incorrect.


    Contact your child's school, learn more on the Distance Learning page, or watch the video below to learn more. 

  • Did You Know?

    Parents/guardians MUST communicate every time a child is absent. Please note not all absences will be excused. Call in or send a note to main office, state reason for absence (be specific).

    Students with a 95% attendance rate or higher are twice as likely to pass the state achievement tests as those students with an 85% attendance rate. (In SPPS, 95% = 9 or fewer absences).

    Good school attendance is the most reliable predictor of graduation from high school.

    Students with good attendance make up a vast majority of those who are at the top of their class in grades and tests.

    School dropouts are at high risk for being unemployed or under-employed and earn $260,000 less than high school graduates over a lifetime.

    School Attendance is Important


    • Do better on state tests
    • Keep up with homework
    • Get good grades
    • Graduate from High School
    • Go to college
    • Have many career options
    • Become positive role models
    • Are likely to have better self-esteem
    • Build better peer relationships
    • Are less likely to engage in negative or criminal behaviors

    Attendance Matters

    The Law

    Once enrolled in a public school, a child 5 years old to 18 years old (unless having already graduated from high school), must attend school everyday, every class, on time, unless lawfully excused.


    • Sickness - too sick to be in school
    • Medical Appointments
    • Religious Holidays
    • Extreme Family Emergencies (house fire, death, etc.)

    • Overslept
    • Missed school bus
    • Suspended from school bus
    • Staying home to babysit
    • Weather too hot/cold
    • Family vacation


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