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  • NOTE: As determined by the conference, records are recognized only if achieved in City True Team, City Meet Preliminaries or Finals. Prior to 1965, records set in the Prelims counted only in field events.

    Prior to 1980, all meets used the English system (yards) of measuring distances. When the metric system (meters) was introduced, it caused a dilemma when trying to compare records from both eras.

    Rather than trying to compute the times of the longer of the two (those that were run in yards), to proportionally equal the distance of those run in meters, we have chosen to list both records in yards and meters. If you wish to determine the faster of the two, take the time of the event in yards, convert to a time in all seconds and multiply by 0.9942. Convert back to minutes and seconds and you have the time that individual would have run the reduced distance in meters. This formula does not work for the 100, mile or two-mile run.

    Thankfully, the field events were, with the exception of only a few years, always measured in feet and inches. Those that were measured using the metric system have been converted to feet and inches.