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Peachjar (formerly Material Distribution)

Material Distribution Requests

SPPS is proud to offer digital flyer distribution through Peachjar. Learn more about this service below and watch for Peachjar emails from your school.

Peachjar Digital Flyer Distribution

Saint Paul Public Schools is partnering with Peachjar to send digital flyers about community resources and events to SPPS parents via email. This new platform will allow parents to receive approved school and community flyers in a weekly email directly from Peachjar. By moving to this digital platform, Peachjar helps our schools and community partners reach parents and save thousands of trees each year.

Peachjar for Families

Peachjar organizes all important school and community information in one place! In addition to receiving emails from your school, look for the Peachjar button or icon on your school website to view current flyers.

Peachjar for Community Organizations

SPPS wants families to know about community programs and resources offered by organizations like yours! Peachjar charges a fee for this service, which is typically much less than the cost to print and deliver paper flyers. You can add clickable buttons to bring parents directly to your website, review your engagement metrics, and save the time and resources required for delivering paper flyers to our schools. 

To submit your flyer for district approval, review our Flyer Approval Guidelines and follow the steps below. Paper flyers from outside organizations will no longer be distributed.

After you hit submit, your flyer will be automatically submitted to the district for approval. Once approved, your flyer will be emailed to parents and posted on each school’s website for your approved duration of time. For more information on the process or pricing, please email or call 858-997-2117.

Community Free Flyer Program

Events and resources that are completely free for families may qualify for free flyer distribution. Read more about Peachjar’s community free flyer program and sign up here to see if your flyer qualifies.

  1. Register your account as a Community Organization on

  2. Review Peachjar’s Guide for Community Organizations for information about discount pricing, flyer creation tips, and more

  3. Go to ‘Post & Notify’ in your account to submit a flyer

Flyer Approval Guidelines

SPPS will review flyer distribution requests from Peachjar based on the following criteria:

  • The requesting organization must be a local non-profit agency or other organization that serves students and families.

  • The requesting organization must offer free or affordable activities and/or services for students and families. 

  • Must clearly state program costs and indicate the availability of scholarships and/or sliding fees.

  • Must contain information stating who the sponsor is and include contact information as a resource for parents.

  • Must be non-partisan and secular in nature.

  • Must support the district curriculum or the academic goals of Saint Paul Public Schools.

  • Translating your information into Hmong, Spanish, Somali and Karen is highly encouraged.

SPPS will NOT approve distribution requests if the material:

  • Are likely to cause disruption to the school or schools.

  • Interfere with the school’s or school district’s educational objectives.

  • Are obscene or libelous.

  • Relate to a product or service not permitted to minors by law.

  • Advocate violence or other illegal activity.

  • Advocate violation of district policy and/or school regulations.