Finalsite Connect

  • Finalsite Connect is the district's system for communicating with families through automated phone calls, email and text messages. See below for the full SPPS Connect Guidelines.

    For translations, please use bilingual staff at your school. (This does not apply to districtwide or school emergency messages in which translations are provided by the Office of Communications.)

    For support sending messages or adding new users, contact:
    Kate Ryan, Office of Communications,

    Please designate two staff members to be your school's Connect managers. If they are not familiar with the system, set up a training with the Office of Communications.

    For staff or families who have opted out of receiving messages accidentally, here are instructions to add them back to Connect. 

    In addition, you may also contact Connect's customer service at or call Connect's help desk at 866-360-2155.

Connect Guidelines

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    One Here are the ways recipients can opt a family or staff member back into Blackboard:

    • Phone:  Recipients can call the opt-out hotline at 855-502-7867 from the phone number that was opted out.
    • Email: To remove an email address from the opt-out list, go to Admin>Settings>Manage Opt-Outs. Click on the gray Manage Opt-Outs tab. Change Search Criteria to Email. Enter the full email address into the search engine and click Search. Hover over the listing and click the trash can icon to remove the email address from the opt-out list.
    • SMS: If the recipient has opted out of receiving text messages, they can text " Subscribe SPPS" to the following shortcodes 23177, 63079, 82932, and 53291 to opt back in. Please ensure they send the text to all numbers to opt back in for an emergency and non-emergency messages.