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Mrs. Peggy Russell

Hello! My name is Peggy Russell. I have been teaching physical education in St. Paul Schools since January of 1992. I have been teaching at Wellstone Elementary since the 2004-2005 school year. Wellstone is a wonderful group of students, families, and staff working together. It is a pleasure to teach here and be part of this community! 

In Physical Education at Wellstone Elementary, students work toward standards through a large variety of games, sports, and challenges, along with individual and group activities. Through participation, students will: 

  1. Improve motor skills and movement.
  2. Increase their knowledge and understanding of movement concepts, principles, and strategies.
  3. Be challenged to achieve and maintain higher levels of physical fitness.
  4. Practice respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors
  5. Learn that good nutrition and daily physical activity contribute to a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle.

    Some activities include: brain gym, Yoga, jumping rope (short and long), juggling, cup stacking, hula hoop skills, step aerobics, tag games, soccer, handball, speedball, ball skills, castleball, floor hockey, capture the flag, math games, relay activities, scooter activities, football skills, net games, track events, tennis skills, tracking activities and more!
  • How does physical education positively affect student learning?

    1. Balance improves reading capacity

    2. Exercise reduces stress

    3. Physical activity improves behavior

    4. Movement reinforces academic skills

    5. Cross-lateral movements organize brain functions

    6. Peptides aid procedural memory

    7. Eye-tracking skills and peripheral vision aid in reading

  • What can I do at home?

    5  times a day: Run in place for one minute

    4 times a day: Do 10 jumping jacks

    3 times a day: Do 10 curl ups and/or Plank for 20 seconds (each time)

    2 times a day: Balance on each leg for 20-30 seconds

    1 time a day: Do Mindful Movement Exercises (practice what you remember.  It doesn't have to be in order.  Repeat each exercise 4 times breathing slowly: Peace In Peace Out

    If you have access to music: Play your favorite song and MOVE (get your heart rate up!)