Welcome to C3 The Choice-Chance-Change (C3) program is designed for Saint Paul Public Schools students in grades 6-12, who were involved in a disruptive event and/or fight at school. We support students by reflecting on their behavior in order to change that behavior and repair the relationships that were damaged.

    Length of Program:
    Students attend the C3 program for 4 school days (Monday-Thursday). During that time the referring school will decide if the student is to attend their regular school day in addition to the C3 program.

    Who is eligible for the program:
    Students who were involved in a violent event or repeated behavior violations. Including students receiving special education services in Federal settings I and II.

    The C3 program is located within the Journeys Secondary School building. Transportation will be provided to and from the program and will be set up during the intake process.

    Our student centered curriculum focuses on conflict resolution, mindfulness, promoting a positive self image and restorative justice.

    Referral Process:
    Administrators from the referring school complete the C3 referral packet. The completed referral packet is then sent to Patti Vankirk via e-mail. The C3 administration will initiate the intake process. We will e-mail the bus routes to referring school admin on Thursday and referring school will notify parent and student. The referring school will then be notified when a student successfully completes the program.

Sample Schedule

  • C3 classes are held at Journeys Secondary School, Monday-Thursday from 3:30-6:30 p.m.

    Learn about the effect of violence on people and community.

    Conflict resolution.

    Cause and effects of bullying.

    Conference with parent/guardian to create an academic and behavior exit plan.

Contact Information