Saint Paul Public Schools provides educational support for a variety of needs:

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  • Promoting Positive Behavior

    School behavior teams and specialists teach and support students to make positive choices through Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

    Most  Most students require one reminder to correct their behavior.
     Some   Some students benefit with small group support by a counselor, social worker, or principal to address the reason for their behavior.
    few  A few students may need additional support to adjust to school, such as individualized behavior plans, alternatives to suspension, alternatives to expulsion and/or behavior contracts.
    Serious situations require suspension and, in some cases, expulsion. 


    • Increase supervision of students during arrival/dismissal, lunch and in the hallways during passing times.
    • Ensure the consistent implementation of PBIS throughout the district.
    • Promote restorative practices through PBIS to give students and adults a chance to repair relationships harmed through inappropriate student behavior.
  • Alternative Programs

    Alternative schools and programs offer support in the areas of mental health, emotional and behavioral issues, in addition to academics.


    Increase alternative programs and provide students with access to community services that focus on:
    • social/emotional support.
    • student engagement
    • academics
  • Community Based Programs

    SPPS works with community-based agencies to provide a support system of services that extend beyond the classroom. 


    • Create evaluation tools to determine effectiveness of programs.
    • Help schools identify community partners that meet a specific need.
    • Increase the number of quality services for our students.

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