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  • Extreme Life on Earth

    February 11th

    7:00 pm



    Tickets: $5

    Extraterrestrial-like towers-Guest Speaker: Fernando Medina Ferrer

    Learn about tufas, towers of carbonates formed on alkaline saline lakes  on Earth and what it tells us about possible life on other planets.  Join guest speaker and UMN astro-biologist Fernando Medina Ferrer to learn more about the boundaries of life as we know it!

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    Weather: Como Planetarium closes when St. Paul Public Schools close due to weather conditions. For questions please call 651-293-5398 


Upcoming Events

  • Join us for these unique events at Como Planetarium in 2020!

    February 11th -Extreme Life on Earth with Guest Speaker Fernando Medina Ferrer- 7:00 pm at Como Planetarium $5

    March 19th -Equinox celebration at Como Park- TBD Historic Street Car Station and nearby ball fields (Telescopes!)-free

    April 30th- Star Party at Como Planetarium 6:00 pm-9:00pm (telescopes)-free



  • Como Planetarium is a 55-seat planetarium that specializes in educational experiences. We have been in operation since 1975 and we operate both our 'classic' star ball and an updated system. We are located in Como Elementary School (we are not located in Como Park...nearby...but not in). Our state-of-the-art system provides the opportunity for visitors to take virtual trips though the solar system, as well as enjoy quality film productions on our 30 ft. diameter screen.

    School Groups

    Science education is our goal! We provide standards-based quality programing for pre-school through high school students. We are able to adapt presentations to best serve your students. We serve Saint Paul Public Schools, other districts, and educational organizations. 

    PreK-5th Grade

    Middle School & High School

    Homeschool Series

Public Shows


    Astronomy is fascinating-at every age! We support learning through public educational presenations and telescope events. Attend a Tuesday evening public show during the school year $5 per ticket (free parking).

    5:30 pm for Preschool age (select weeks only-see calendar)

    7:00 pm General Audiences


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