• Information for Parents

    Parents and Families - Partnering with Title I Schools

    The Saint Paul Public Schools Title I program:
    • gives parents a voice in their children's education,
    • builds the capacity of teachers and parents to help children be more successful,
    • offers resources and opportunities to parents and families, 
    • provides two-way meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities, 
    • communicates to parents in a language they can understand, and
    • breaks down barriers to student achievement.

    Title I supports the belief that parent and community involvement is vital to our children's academic success. Building and maintaining quality relationships with families, volunteers, and community agencies is key to student achievement. Title I sponsored Parent Involvement staff work to create an atmosphere of understanding and support, to enhance the learning environment.

    Title I schools encourage parental involvement in a variety of ways to help parents support their child's education. Some Title I schools have a family engagement liaison to work directly to support families, and some schools have Parent Resource Rooms that have materials for parents to use at home that support the learning going on in the their child's classroom.

    Title I parents have a right to be active in their school's Title I program, by serving on the site council at their child's school or by providing input into the school's improvement plan. Parents also have the right to see progress reports on their child, request information about their child's teacher's qualifications and help decide if Title I is meeting their child's needs. Parents are asked to provide input into the school's parent involvement plan for the year as well.