• *Due to budget cuts and restraints, SPPS cannot offer the Principal Academy for SY17-18.

    - updated April 18, 2017


    Principal Academy

    Learning to Be a Principal or Support Principals in SPPS


    The Saint Paul Public Schools Principal Academyis a leadership program that develops principals to lead with courage, self-knowledge and racial consciousness so all students succeed.  Academy participants learn in a diverse cohort and receive a master's degree or specialist degree from Minnesota State University-Mankato.

    Principal Academy


    Principal Academy Cohort (1st Year)

    First year Principal Academy cohort members will develop their will, skill, knowledge and capacity of the K-12 principalship in the context of SPPS schools.  Bi-monthly professional development sessions will include learning targets focused on specific principal competencies, presentations from SPPS leadership and PLC work grounded in school data driven by cohort members.  All participants will be assigned an SPPS principal mentor and school that will become the focus of their year-long study of the principalship.

    PA Pedagogy

    (Krull, M. & Raskin, C., 2015)

    Assignments for this program might include: Foundation Plans; Site Gap Chart; Site Data Dashboard; Equity Walk; Site Budget Work; Site Policy Work; Change Project; Student Observations; Student Shadowing


    Principal Academy Cohort (2nd Year)

    Second year Principal Academy cohort members will continue to focus on developing their will, skill, knowledge and capacity of the K-12 principalship through the Standards of Effective Teaching (SET) for the Administrative Internship in SPPS.

    Second year interns will complete the same TDE requirements as first year interns with special attention paid to:
    1.    Two PLC cycles completed with a grade level team or content team at their school site. 
    2.    Student engagement surveys will be completed by collaborating with the principal mentor, intern coach    and/or other administrative interns. 

    Professional development for all 2nd year interns will include:
    1.    Monthly coaching for all 2nd year interns placed in a building.
    2.    Mentoring from an SPPS principal.
    3.    An invitation to attend the SPPS speaker series portion of the Principal Academy


    Principal Academy Video